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Trigger Warnings: Charting a Middle Path at UNC

Liz Battle had never heard of a trigger warning when Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved was assigned to her junior English class at Deerfield High School in Illinois. But as a survivor of sexual violence, Battle found reading the book – which includes graphic depictions of sexual abuse – caused overwhelming pain. “I felt traumatized. I was 16. I had never encountered anything that was so graphic, so … Continue reading Trigger Warnings: Charting a Middle Path at UNC

Merce & The Possibilities of Motion

As an artist, dancer and choreographer who sought to “enlarge the possibilities” given in any one space, body or moment, Merce Cunningham may have seen in his imminent death the chance to make irrefutably creative choices about just how that passing would take place. In July 2009, at 90, the respected dance choreographer died quietly in his New York apartment. His death propelled decisions that … Continue reading Merce & The Possibilities of Motion

Excerpt from “Boomerang Politics”

“I do think being politically bilingual is exceedingly important, as it is rare. There is the whole hope of bringing some civility to politics, but that is a topic for another day. Essentially, it is important to me to connect with a greater number of people than remain ideologically pure. Maybe it’s that politics will never be my writing “beat.” Humans, and the permutations of … Continue reading Excerpt from “Boomerang Politics”

Publisher Profile: The Pilot’s David Woronoff

Pluck – or a quality of ‘pleasant persistence’– emanates from 50-year-old publisher David Woronoff. When he was only 29, Woronoff announced that he wanted to buy The Pilot – a much beloved community newspaper in Southern Pines, NC – from 80-year-old celebrated author, poet, and publisher, Sam Ragan. The young Woronoff, who had worked only a few years as a reporter and sales man, approached … Continue reading Publisher Profile: The Pilot’s David Woronoff